Design Development
                                            Blending Handcraft and Technology
                         Hand Hole Punch, Needlepoint, Laser Cutting & Etching,                                                                        Machine Embroidery, Digital Print Design
Distressed Sleeve Detail
LS Jacket/Dress based on Re-draped jacke
Sleeveless Top based on Re-draped jacket
Paisley Emb Crab Overlay
Thesis Sketch 14
Thesis Collage 3
Thesis Process 8
Laser cut and 3D Emb Leather
Engineered Printed Sleeve Options
Laser Cut & Etched Hair-on-Goatskin
VFiles Pattern Sketches 4
Laser Etched Hair-Calf Detail
AI Laser Cutting
Paisley Print 10
JG Quilted Wings Top View
JG Men's Quilted Wings
Primary & Secondary Research
JG Emb Skirt
Eng. Digital Print 1
Eng. Digital Print
MFA Drape Process 22
Multi-Forward Brainstorm
Pattern w_ Embroidery Layout
Re-draped Jacket Exploration
MF Sketch
Hole Punch/Needlepoint Canvas
Needlepoint 2
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